Fusion Team Order

Men's SLi Two Piece Option

Great to have you onboard! Time to get kitted up...

Please have a read of the following notes with links to relevant garments and complete form below to submit order. 

Size Guides - Have recently updated the size guides with tailored guides for different types of garments, in particular SLi. To view see products on website (links below) and click on 'Size Guide'.

Sizing Option - As body shapes and sizes can vary, and you're not sure which size, may be boarderline, etc we have a sizing option. Whereby we send out for you to try on and confirm sizing, then send back for printing. The only additional being the cost of 2nd round of postage. Free Express shipping provided on first round. A few more details on custom printing page. See under Sizing & Exchange here.

Additional Logo Option - If interested in taking up the option of an additional logo as outlined in email, front and / or back ($10 each to cover additional print costs), please select on form below and also suggest we start the ball rolling. Email through logo(s), ideally in a Vector file format (usually .ai or .eps) and on a transparent background. Again a few more details on custom printing page (link above). If you get stuck send through what you can get and we can go from there.

Exchange - Following on from above, will be printing up your kit to order so once printed afraid not able to simply exchange back into stock. As such if in doubt please consider the sizing option outlined above.

SLi Short Sleeve Tri Top & SLi Tri Shorts Pocket
Important note, if already in an original Fusion tri gear the new SLi is sizing up a little differently and specific SLi size guides have been developed. Click links below and view 'Size Guide' on each. Links - SLi Short Sleeve Tri Top & SLi Tri Shorts Pocket

C3 Run Shorts
Men’s running best seller. A longer high performance technical run short with a unique ultralight inner designer specifically to provide chafe protection, stay cool and wick moisture away to stay dry & comfortable. Link - C3 Run Shorts 

SLi T-Shirt
Re fit / sizing it is a snug fit. New size guide more accurate so please reference chest measurement in particular, but as per notes Recommend a Size up. Link - SLi T-Shirt 

Choice of the following. Note sizing between Race & PWR socks differs. Refer size guides. 

Race Sock (2 pack) – Choice of Black or White? Really good for hot, wet and humid conditions. Really thin, lightweight and breathable. Cool and handles the moisture really well. Link - Race Sock (2 pack) 

PWR Sock CLX – Cycle length sock with coolmax for warmer temps and good for racing if looking for taller racing sock. Link - PWR Sock CLX 

PWR Sock MW – Cycle length sock with merino wool for year round. Link - PWR Sock MW